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Hampden County's  Pre-Service CASA Training is a five-week course that begins June 22, 2020 and entails approximately three hours of online learning and three hours of in-class work weekly.  The Training follows National CASA's guidelines for preparing Trainees to become CASA Volunteer Advocates.  Each week, you will work independently online prior to the in-class work, via Zoom, on Thursdays, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

There are five Modules, which may also be referred to as Weeks 1 thru 5, or Sessions.  In each In-Class Session, we will recap the work you did independently; then we'll work together on the lessons for the group.  We'll end with a Wrap-Up and Evaluation for the week and a Preview of the next Session.

Welcome to New Advocate Training!


This is our first fully virtual training. You will be tasked with completing weekly activities prior to our Zoom meetings. The Zoom schedule is below. You are encouraged to ask questions and challenge your current way of thinking. If you fully commit to training you will gain a deeper understanding of the needs of children that have experienced abuse and neglect. You will strengthen your ability to effectively advocate for children and families in the child welfare system. With your new found skills and the support of CASA staff, you will change a child’s story!


Zoom Meeting Schedule

Wednesday April 29th 4-8pm

Wednesday May 6th 4-8pm

Wednesday May 13th 4-8pm

Wednesday May 20th 4-8pm

Wednesday May 27th 4-8pm

Pre-Service Court Appointed Special Advocate Flex Training -30hrs Total Required Time

Summer 2020 Online CVA Training